Summary for Test 2018-05-14-1-47

Test performed: ASTM E18-15

Project Information

Project Identifiers
DEA: No Project
Award DateNot set
Closeout Date11/01/2022
Work DescriptionSpecial project identifier for material not associated with a project
Location DescriptionNot set

Sample Information

Sample Taken Date05/14/2018 Sample Unique Key1
Will the laboratory/organization for which you are a member perform testing on this material sample?Yes Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing05/18/2018
Sample typeVerification A brief description of the sampleA325 HDG bolt assemblies
The quantity of what the sample constitutes12 and 8 From where was the sample collectedFabricator
First name of sampler or witnessed byDavid Last name of sampler or witnessed byFlygare
Title of samplerCA METS QA Inspector Telephone number of sampler801-669-2984
Laboratory sample identificationUnknown Linked DIME Sample IDUnknown
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility nameUIS Transportation Laboratory (TL) NumberUnknown
Inspector Lot Number from the Transportation Laboratory (TL) FormB76-095-18 Structure unique identifierNot set
Structure nameNot set

Material Information

Material TypeSMTL TM3 - Fastener Assembly Rocap Number(s)TT0101214, TT0101215
Heat Number(s)DL16101278,10502520,31721830, 100788102, 177972, 279846 Nut Mfg. Lot Number(s)Decker-18-04-001, Unytite-27439-177972
Washer Mfg. Lot Number(s)Prestige-D4459, Wrought-308244 Bolt SpecificationA325 HDG
Bolt Length(s)4" and 5 1/2" Nut SpecificationA563-DH
Washer SpecificationF436 HDG FinishHDG
Diameter/Size1/2" x 4", 3/4" x 5 1/2" Bolt Mfg. Lot NumberNucor-G9122, SLSB-BG1014
Rocap Test Requirement(s)yes Lubricant Requirements(s)wax and dye

Test Details

DIME Sample ID: 2018-05-14-1
DIME Test ID: 2018-05-14-1-47
Testing Lab: CT HQ - Sacramento Structural Materials Testing Laboratory
Test Method: ASTM E18-15: Standard Test Methods for Rockwell Hardness of Metallic Materials (Hardness)
Test Release Date: 2018-06-01

Test Results

Input Type: Calculated
Tester's full name: Fred Saylor
Date of test: 05/24/2018
Sample No.: 1A
Rocap Number: no data
Heat Number(s): no data
Mfg. Lot Number: D4459
Finish Coating: ASTM F2329 - Hot Dip
Product Markings: P F436
Size: .5 in
Bolt Length: no data
Hardness Reading Scale: C Scale
Spacing: Ok
Hardness Reading Average: 38.95
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Test was verified on 5/25/2018