DIME Change Log

Notable changes, improvements, fixes and additions to DIME
  1. Major refactoring of EPD system
  2. Created EPD Admin Dashboard
  3. Updated EPD Submissions view and submission flow
  4. Improved Sample & Test search page performance
  5. Moved Sample & Test action menu to the left
  6. Updated instructions with new videos
  7. Added Test Compliance field to test list on Sample Details
  8. Allow users to update their own email address
  9. Added search by Project District to DIME Search
  10. Streamlined login flow to avoid unnecessary Org Selection for LDAP users
  11. New email notification for user org requests
  12. Migrated from Google Universal Analytics to GA4
  13. C109 Bluehill improvements
  14. Update to Rounding of PS0009
  15. Improvements to aggregatedb lab view
  1. Added test card for Field Investigation Report
  2. Added test card for AASHTO T209 v22
  3. Added test card for AASHTO T228 v22
  4. Added test card for ASTM D8360 v22
  5. Added test card for ASTM C109 v21
  6. Fixed SMTL report save
  7. Test Card Layout support for AASHTO T283
  8. Add validation on test edit
  9. Updated FAQ instructions
  10. Auto publish test fix
  11. Add field precision step up
  1. Search export update
  2. Updated instructions with new videos
  3. Added superseded reason for print report
  4. Send email to EPD team on new EPD Submittal
  5. Fix SMTL cover page
  6. Update new organization request form
  1. Updated formula for modulus of rupture for CTM 523
  2. Added 2 videos to instructions
  3. Updated material type Partial Depth Reclamation (PDR)
  4. Deactivated Skid Test material type
  5. Updates to allow all users to update sample received date if not set
  6. Updates to allow any Caltrans user to submit test results for any sample
  7. Added welcome PDF to resources page
  8. Added Centennial Asphalt to binder suppliers
  9. Added aging protocol fields to ASTM D8225
  10. Fixed incorrect results on CEM-3701 report
  11. Added new version of CTM 385
  12. Allow file attachments for sample and test results
  13. Updated registration instructions
  14. Added message to test methods that are set to auto-publish
  15. Updated EPD report
  16. Updated fields on CTM 389-19 test card
  17. Integrated AML data when creating a sample for Headed Bars and Couplers
  18. Added new version of AASHTO T301
  19. Fixed error when deleting an assigned test
  20. Added new version of AASHTO T313
  21. Added new version of AASHTO T51
  22. Added new version of AASHTO T315
  23. Added new version of AASHTO T59
  24. Added notice at the top of the publish test email notification
  25. Added rounding of final result to nearest 10 psi for ASTM C109
  26. Simplified interface for creating new samples
  27. Display disabled testing labs when searching for samples and test results
  28. Added fields to DIME search export
  29. Updated "switch organization" page
  30. Fixed material type selection feature
  31. Update CTM 523 to include up to 3 specimens
  32. Allow DIME organization managers to set their organization contact information
  33. Adjusted order of fields on ASTM D2240 test card
  34. Fixed issue with superseded tests linked in notification email
  35. Added new sieve size input for CT 205
  1. Major improvements to the EPD data submission process
  2. Fixed error on organization usage stats page
  3. Major updates to DIME user and organization self-registration system
  4. Updated published test result notification email to include METS Representative name
  5. Fixed calculation for ASTM D5095
  6. Fixed units not displaying for some test results
  7. Security/privacy improvements to password reset functionality
  8. Improvements to Combined Gradation Report
  9. Added "Caltrans field office" as a valid organization type to clone samples
  10. Fixed result table error for CTM 205
  11. Updated resources page with new PDFs
  12. Added videos to instructions
  13. Fixed permission issue on publish test feature
  14. Changed order of fields for CTM 203 Mechanical Analysis of Soils
  15. Added density calculation to AASHTO T209