DIME Change Log

Notable changes, improvements, fixes and additions to DIME
  1. Updates to the Specification management in the Combined Aggregate Gradation Report tool
  2. Added a new Curing Compound material type
  3. Various UX/UI improvements to the Combined Aggregate Gradation Report tool
  4. Updated DIME user role descriptions system wide
  5. Enabled link to the Combined Aggregate Gradation Report tool
  6. Added ASTM D4402 version 23
  7. Added AASHTO M247 v22
  8. Expanded text input width for various test cards including AASHTO T27, AASHTO T30, CTM 202, and ASTM C136
  9. Updated WT RET precision for AASHTO T27
  10. For the AASHTO T27 test card, calculate WT RET and added RAP Correction Factor column
  11. Added new Glass Beads material type
  12. Added feature to get Warm Mix Asphalt product info from AML when creating a new WMA sample
  13. Added new suppliers to the Asphalt Binder material information fields
  14. Added new performance grade and two suppliers to Asphalt Binder material information fields
  15. Added test card for ASTM D523
  16. Added preliminary question for CTM 643-April 2020
  17. Added test card for ASTM D521
  18. Updated ASTM C1611-21 test card to collect Visual Stability Index data and updated label for Slump Flow
  19. Fixed sporadic database related error on dashboard
  20. Added ASTM C 1611-21 test card
  21. Added new material information fields for Paint material type
  22. Fixed a bug where submitting an assigned test was not calculating initially for prepopulated data
  1. Fixed bug when attempting to read project with no award date
  2. Fixed bug where some data was not available generating aggregate one-page report
  3. Added QR code for Combined Aggregate Gradation Report
  4. Added functionality to email published Combined Aggregate Gradation Report
  5. Updated user interface (UI) elements in Combined Aggregate Gradation Report tool
  6. Auto-fill all blank values on Combined Aggregate Gradation Report
  7. Allow 0.01 precision for gradation subsample percentage on Combined Aggregate Gradation Report
  8. Fixed issue with deleting assigned tests
  9. Fixed `organization not defined` bug in printable SMTL report
  10. Updated quality manager's name on SMTL cover page
  11. Fixed bug where login error message was displaying raw HTML
  12. Added ASTM D 2244 test method
  13. Added ASTM D1640 v14r22
  14. Fixed issue when uploading ASCP spreadsheet files with cell references
  15. Fixed 'undefined array key' error on aggregate one-page report
  16. Added new Concrete Admixture material type and CT416 test method
  17. Added fields to material information section for Paint
  18. Updated material information field label for Asphalt Binder
  19. Added organization name to top navigation bar, sample page, test page and assign page
  20. Reformatted test card for AASHTO T283-14
  21. Additional updates to ASTM D8225 19 test card
  22. Migrated DIME application to updated platform
  23. Updated test card for AASHTO T275-07r12
  24. Updated test card previews to include table format
  25. Update material information fields for PDR
  26. Various security related fixes
  27. Updated order of labels for beakers for AASHTO T59-22 test method
  28. Removed some reportable values for ASTM C136-19 test method
  29. Removed 'mass retained' values as reportable for AASHTO T27-14 test method
  30. Removed 'mass retained' as a reportable value for CTM 202 Nov2011 test method
  31. Removed 'mass retained' values for AASHTO T30-19 test method
  32. Fixed issue with general search not populating search criteria inputs
  33. Updated validation for SMARA field for Aggregate material type
  34. Updated concrete material information fields to allow special characters
  35. Modified view test detail page to display custom layout, if set for the test method
  36. Fixed issue when saving custom test card data
  37. Fixed custom test card on assign test page
  38. Fixed error when when sending results notification after publishing tests
  39. Updated ASTM C136-19 test card
  40. Fixed ASCP upload error
  41. Updated ASTM D8225 19 test card
  42. Fixed error when saving edits to sample
  43. Added US unit to the test card for AASHTO T283
  44. Fixed bug where ASCP upload not setting material information data
  45. Fixed error on sample detail page when sample ID provided is invalid
  46. Updated link to test report on sample detail page
  47. Converted gradation test to custom card layout for AASHTO T27-14 test method
  48. Added fields to material information section for couplers and headed bars
  49. Modified project personnel notification system to pull recipient info from METS internal database
  50. Added clone functionality and support for new specifications on Combined Aggregate Gradation Report
  51. Added functionality to publish test results when a Combined Aggregate Gradation Report is published
  1. Major improvements to project personnel management
  2. Fixed issue when paginating through list on the organization search page
  3. Improved date input validation for date tested and published/verified date
  4. Fixed bug where calculations were not executing when resuming a draft test card
  5. Fixed issue with the AASHTO T27 test card where calculated values were not being saved when omitting the tested date
  6. In the EPD data collection section, allow users to select a project irrespective of project close date or bid opening date
  7. Updated message shown to non-organization manager users regarding changing a project associated with a sample
  8. Fixed calculation on ASTM C136-06 test card
  9. Allow users to specify the recipients that should receive an email notification when a test is assigned to their organization
  10. Added new Full Depth Recycling material type
  11. Added ASTM D1633-17 to Full Depth Recycling material type
  12. Added a new field to Partial Depth Recycling material information when creating a sample
  13. Updated validation for concrete mix number
  14. Added ASTM C642 v21 for Concrete material type
  15. Allow internal users the ability to assign tests irrespective of their role
  16. Fixed offset error when managing project personnel
  17. Fixed error when exporting data from the DIME general search feature
  18. Fixed error when exporting Excel data in in the QCQA Pilot feature
  19. Removed extraneous text from the aggregate summary report
  20. Added links to AML in the sample material information section for couplers & headed bars
  21. Added Jobsite as an option in the SMARA field when creating an aggregate sample
  22. Fixed integrity constraint violation when inserting in to dime_data_test table
  23. Added new tag type to accommodate the selection of multiple options
  24. Updated material information fields for Roadway/Bridge Surface material type
  25. Updated precision on the AASHTO T275-07r12 test card
  26. Updated AASHTO T27 test method to include coarse aggregate sieve
  27. Converted gradation test CTM 202-11 to use a custom test card layout
  28. Converted gradation test AASHTO T30-19 to use a custom test card layout
  1. Major refactoring of EPD system
  2. Created EPD Admin Dashboard
  3. Updated EPD Submissions view and submission flow
  4. Improved Sample & Test search page performance
  5. Moved Sample & Test action menu to the left
  6. Updated instructions with new videos
  7. Added Test Compliance field to test list on Sample Details
  8. Allow users to update their own email address
  9. Added search by Project District to DIME Search
  10. Streamlined login flow to avoid unnecessary Org Selection for LDAP users
  11. New email notification for user org requests
  12. Migrated from Google Universal Analytics to GA4
  13. C109 Bluehill improvements
  14. Update to Rounding of PS0009
  15. Improvements to aggregatedb lab view
  1. Added test card for Field Investigation Report
  2. Added test card for AASHTO T209 v22
  3. Added test card for AASHTO T228 v22
  4. Added test card for ASTM D8360 v22
  5. Added test card for ASTM C109 v21
  6. Fixed SMTL report save
  7. Test Card Layout support for AASHTO T283
  8. Add validation on test edit
  9. Updated FAQ instructions
  10. Auto publish test fix
  11. Add field precision step up