Welcome To DIME

Data Interchange for Materials Engineering

DIME is a web application developed by the California Department of Transportation, Materials Engineering & Testing Services (METS) to allow material testing laboratories the ability to easily submit sample information and test data to Caltrans' database via the internet.


To provide a user-friendly web-based interface for storing and sharing material data.

Test Standards

ASTM, AASHTO and CTM Support

DIME supports ASTM, AASHTO, and CTM standards for most of the test procedures that DIME has implemented so far. DIME will obtain and verify user inputs as specify by the selected test standards. With this, managers are worry-free from incomplete and/or inaccurate data entries.

Reports and Notifications

Generate Electronic Reports and Notifications

No more scrambling file piles and flipping files in the file cabinets trying to look for a test report in your ten years or so of storage. Test results and reports submitted to DIME will be available online in an electronic format. Advanced search functionalities are provided to make finding a test report as easy as clicking a button. Also, no more phone calls and email drafting to send out a test report to notify your RE, SR, or METS Representative, it is just a matter of a click to email the test report from DIME.