Frequently Asked Questions

general_questionsGeneral Questions:

Q: What is DIME?


DIME is the acronym for Data Interchange for Materials Engineering. DIME is a web application developed by the California Department of Transportation, Materials Engineering & Testing Services (METS) to allow material testing laboratories the ability to easily submit sample information and test data to Caltrans' database via the internet. For a high level overview of DIME, please refer to DIME Overview.

Q: I am interested in using DIME, how do I get started?


Please refer to the Home Page for more information.

Q: Where can I get help for using DIME?


Please refer to Instructions page for step-by-step instructions.

sample_and_test_idSample and Test ID's:

Q: What is a DIME Sample ID?


Please refer to DIME Sample ID for explanations and DIME Sample ID examples.

Q: What is a DIME Test ID?


Please refer to DIME Test ID for explanations and DIME Test ID examples.

samples_and_resutlsSamples and Results:

Q: I had used the old DIME for submitting samples and test results, how do I find those samples and results?


The old DIME Sample ID was in the format of yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm-dddd, where yyyy is the year of the sample taken date, mm is the month, dd is the day, hh is the hour, mm is the minute, and dddd is the random 4 digits provided by the system. In the current version of the system, DIME Sample ID are now in the format of yyy-mm-dd-hhmmdddd. The updated system provides a few ways to find a sample. Please refer to How to Search a Sample for more details.

Q: How do I submit test results to DIME?


There are two ways you can submit data to DIME, by uploading DIMEXML files and by manually inputting test results. Instructions for how to upload DIMEXML File can be found at How to Upload DIMEXML File. Instructions for how to manually inputting test results can be found at How to Submit Test Results. You can visit the DIMEXML Schema Page for more information about the DIMEXML format.

user_rolesUser Roles:

Q: What are the user roles in DIME accounts?

There are currently four defined roles for DIME accounts - Data Editor, Data Administrator, and Lab Manager.
  1. Data Editor role allows an account to modify test results before test results are verified or published.
  2. Data Administrator can verify and supersede test records and also can delete sample and/or test records, in addition to all of the access rights of the Data Editor role.
  3. Lab Manager role gives an account the ability to manager users within a laboratory, including modifying, editing, and deleting accounts, in addition to all of the access rights of the Data Administrator role.