Welcome To DIME

Data Interchange for Materials Engineering

DIME is a web application developed by the California Department of Transportation, Materials Engineering & Testing Services (METS) to allow material testing laboratories the ability to easily submit sample information and test data to Caltrans' database via the internet.


To provide a user-friendly web-based interface for storing and sharing material data.

User Account

Need Access to DIME?

For Caltrans employees, contact your DIME organization manager and have them create an account for you. If you are unsure whom to contact, you may click here to find your DIME organization manager. For non-Caltrans companies, testing labs or organizations requiring DIME access, begin by searching for an existing account. If you do not find your company in the system, you may request that a new DIME organization account be created.

Test Standards

ASTM, AASHTO and CTM Support

DIME supports the submission of test results for many ASTM, AASHTO, and CTM standard test methods for a large variety of material types. User-submitted test result data will be validated against the standards outlined in the official test method document which improves data completeness and accuracy.

Reports and Notifications

Electronic Reports and Notifications

Since DIME stores data electronically, it is not only easy to search for samples and test results saved in the system, but notifying resident engineers, METS Representatives or other project personnel about sample information or test results can be sent via automated email with a few clicks of the mouse. There are also useful reports available based on the data stored in DIME such as usage statistics, testing turn-around reports and more.