DIME Overview

What is DIME?
DIME is the acronym for Data Interchange for Materials Engineering. DIME is a web application developed by the California Department of Transportation, Materials Engineering & Testing Services (METS) to allow material testing laboratories the ability to easily submit sample information and test data to Caltrans' database via the internet.
In the near future, Caltrans' specifications will require external laboratories submit quality control test results to Caltrans via the internet. DIME was developed to facilitate this submission process. DIME provides material testing laboratories an easy-to-use web application to upload data, view data, edit data and verify data. A goal for DIME is to efficiently store and share material test data for California transportation projects and is not meant to be used by external laboratories as a laboratory management tool. Each external laboratory should save and back up their files locally.
DIME provides a number of advantages over manually submitting test results via email or parcel post. For instance, DIME checks if submitted data meets data requirements. If data requirements are not met, the data is not accepted. Secondly, data from multiple tests can be uploaded simultaneously by encoding the data in a properly formatted xml file. Thirdly, after preliminary data is submitted (by laboratory staff for example), a user with data-verifying privileges (the laboratory manager for example) can verify accuracy of the sample information and test results prior to final publication. Fourth, test data is protected and can be easily shared if other laboratories choose to do so. Finally, email notifications can be sent out to designated persons for actions performed on data.
Submitting Data
DIME provides two methods to submit test results: "Manual Input" and "XML Upload". Manual Input means the user types in sample information and test data in a form on the DIME website and clicks a "Submit" button when all required fields are filled out and valid. XML Upload means the user uploads valid xml file(s) containing sample information and test results. The data uploaded to DIME is private and not publicly shared.
How Does a Company/Laboratory Sign up for DIME?
You can submit your request for a DIME account online. Please see the instructions found on the Sign In / Registration page.