Summary for Test 2019-06-28-7-6

Test performed: ASTM A931-0810

Project Information

Project Identifiers
DEA: No Project
Award DateNot set
Closeout Date11/01/2022
Work DescriptionSpecial project identifier for material not associated with a project
Location DescriptionNot set

Sample Information

Sample Taken Date06/28/2019 Sample Unique Key7
Will the laboratory/organization for which you are a member perform testing on this material sample?Yes Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing07/01/2019
Sample typeQuality Assurance A brief description of the sampleWire Rope
The quantity of what the sample constitutes9 From where was the sample collectedOther
First name of sampler or witnessed byMike Last name of sampler or witnessed byCuoco
Title of sampler Telephone number of sampler
Laboratory sample identification Linked DIME Sample ID
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility nameOakland Paint Dept Transportation Laboratory (TL) Number
Inspector Lot Number from the Transportation Laboratory (TL) Form Structure unique identifier
Structure name

Material Information

Material TypeSMTL TM10 - Wire Rope Choker Reel NumberUnknown
Painter Name or IDS143219 S146803 S146080 S145020 S145243 S146551 S145125 S146552 S145603 Material SpecificationASTM A931
Size5/16 in Wire ManufacturerUnknown
Material Collected to TestOperator

Test Details

DIME Sample ID: 2019-06-28-7
DIME Test ID: 2019-06-28-7-6
Testing Lab: CT HQ - Sacramento Structural Materials Testing Laboratory
Test Method: ASTM A931-0810: Standard Test Method for Tension Testing of Wire Ropes and Strand (Breaking Force)
Test Release Date: 2019-07-12

Test Results

Input Type: Calculated
Tester's full name: S146551
Date of test: 07/09/2019
Temperature: 72 F
UTM: 67kip
Specimen Identification: Wire Rope
Peak Load: 10422 lbf
Operator: Ahmed Yusaf
Location of Failure: Broke near crimp
General comments (publicly viewable) (Max 1000 characters): Wire Rope
Test Graph
Source: Partner Data Point File
Test graph for 2019-06-28-7-6

Test was verified on 7/12/2019