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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
3735Project ID: 3735
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 07106DP1303
07-LA-210-39.36/39.79Reinstalling pavement delineations at the intersection of Route 210 (Foothill Freeway) westbound ramps at 1st Street due to lane assignment modifications on 1st Street, modifying State operated signals at the intersection of Azusa Avenue and 1st Street du210 Fwy, Azusa10/30/2012NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3744Project ID: 3744
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0710NSN0940
07-LA-101-22.07/22.07Upgrade traffic signal equipment. Improvements include new traffic signal poles, conduits, controller and cabinet.Rte 101 Ventura Fwy E/B On-ramp, Los Angeles11/05/2012NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3747Project ID: 3747
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0710NSN1001
07-LA-213-1.737/1.737Install ATSAC camera, pole, conduit, pull boxes and traffic signal equipment for ATSAC system.Western Ave. Rte. 213, Los Angeles10/31/2012NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3748Project ID: 3748
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0710NSN1002
07-LA-47-0.003/0.003Install conduits, pull boxes and traffic signal equipment.Rte 47 WB Off Ramp (Vincent Thomas Bridge), Los Angeles10/30/2012NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3749Project ID: 3749
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0710NSN1003
07-LA-213-1.221/1.221Install pull boxes, conduit and traffic signal equipment.Western Ave. (Rte. 213), Los Angeles10/30/2012NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3751Project ID: 3751
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0710NSN1150
07-LA-110-1.15/1.15Design & construction for part of San Pedro ATSAC System1. Install conduits, pull boxes & general traffic signal equipment2. Install 240' trench & 2 ATSAC detector loops3. Install R3-4 signs as shown on planLos Angeles, City of DOT ATSAC, Los Angeles07/31/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3752Project ID: 3752
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0710NSN1154
07-LA-213-1.67/1.67Design & Construction is part of the San Pedro ATSAC System1. Install conduits, pull boxes and general traffic signal equipment2. install trench along eastside of Western Avenue3. Install new street name signs, R3-4, R9-3a signs as shown on planWestern Avenue, Los Angeles08/03/2011NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3755Project ID: 3755
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0710NTK0276
07-LA-710-6.38/6.38Traffic control to repair Anaheim Street Bridge DP is 710-6DP-1689Anaheim St, Long Beach01/06/2011NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3756Project ID: 3756
DEA: 07113454
07-VEN-23-R5.6/R18.6  08/10/2010NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
3758Project ID: 3758
DEA: 07116794