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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActionsSample
211420Project ID: 211420
DEA: 042G3404
EFIS: 0413000213
COOP: 042617
04-SON-101-21.4/21.5Construct pedestrian and bicycle overcrossing on US 101 between Steele Lane and College Avenue  2 (04/19/2016)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
211462Project ID: 211462
DEA: 063HT004
EFIS: 0600020143
06-KIN--   2 (05/12/2016)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
211482Project ID: 211482
DEA: 05448004
EFIS: 0500000542
COOP: 050298
05-MON-68-3.75/L4.26Construct new roundabout and intersection improvements. 08/23/20172 (05/12/2016)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
211540Project ID: 211540
DEA: 112T1304
EFIS: 1100000456
11---CONSTRUCT BUS RAPID TRANSIT STATIONS  2 (06/01/2016)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
211567Project ID: 211567
DEA: 030C9314
EFIS: 0315000138
COOP: 0607,1520
03-PLA-28-9.2/10.3Kings Beach Commerical Core Improvement - Gateway to the Core- Construct sidewalks, Class II bike lanes, roundabouts, public transit facilities, vehicular parking facilities, bicycle locking facilities, trash receptacles, benches, and street lampsIn Kings Beach on SR 28 in the vicinity of SR 267 and Chipmunk Avenue. 2 (07/13/2016)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
211647Project ID: 211647
DEA: 11415604
EFIS: 1113000007
11-SD-8-46.2PPNO 1077 [W8 USBP Checkpoint Buckman Springs - Canopy ] -installation of inspection booths, cameras, concrete barriers with end treatments, and signing and striping is to be upgraded to current standardin San Diego County NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
211683Project ID: 211683
Permit Numbers: 1214NRM0700
12--133-0.898Driveway entrance and sidewalk improvements at Laguna Canyon Rd. & Milligan Dr. in support of a bridge replacement over the Laguna Canyon Channel. All performed work shall be in accordance with current Caltrans Standard Specs and Plans 2010.Route 133 NB on right hand side, Milligan Dr. bridge replacement at PM 0.898.09/08/20162 (08/23/2016)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
211699Project ID: 211699
DEA: 05000004
05-SLO-101-Upgrade Signals - Five Cities Drive Traffic Signals at 101 SB Off-Ramp TRAFFIC SIGNAL AND. LIGHTING WORKPismo Beach. FIVE CITIES DRIVE AT SB 101 OFFRAMP IN PISMO BEACH, CA09/06/2019NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
211720Project ID: 211720
Permit Numbers: 0616AOP0442
06--41-2.9/3.4  09/24/20182 (09/14/2016)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
213017Project ID: 213017
DEA: 041K9904
EFIS: 0416000339
04-SF-101,92,84-(Alternative Delivery)CALTRAIN PENINSULA CORRIDOR ELECTRIFICATION PROJECT, a Design Build Project. Install bridge screening and OCS attachments on approximately 40 Caltrans structures that cross the rail line in the San Francisco peninsula.San Francisco peninsula at various structures along rail line, to include 101, 280, 380, 92, 85, 237, and 880. 2 (02/06/2018)DetailsPersonnelView Sample