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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActionsSample
208826Project ID: 208826
DEA: 060G8504
EFIS: 0600020167
COOP: 061535
Permit Numbers: 0613NMC0437
06-KER-58-52.7/55.5Enter upon the State Highway Right-of-way on State Route 58 (SR-58) in Bakersfield near the SR-58/SR-99 Separation at SR-58/Hughes Lane Overcrossing (PM R52.7) to set up, maintain, and remove temporary traffic control necessary in order to construct the CSR58, Bakersfield08/27/20182 (07/24/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
208632Project ID: 208632
DEA: 050T9204
EFIS: 0500020194
COOP: 05CA0254
Permit Numbers: 0512NSN0241
05-SB-246-8.78/9.15Install traffic signal, safety lighting, signal interconnect, and reconstruct four curb ramps at the intersection of State Route 246 and R Street as shown on the attached plans, as directed by cooperative agreement 05-CA-0254 and as directed by the permiSR 246, Lompoc09/17/20182 (03/14/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
208647Project ID: 208647
DEA: 060P3904
EFIS: 0612000152
06-FRE-99-   2 (12/22/2014)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
208648Project ID: 208648
Permit Numbers: 05096RS0239
05---  09/17/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
208650Project ID: 208650
DEA: 060P3204
EFIS: 0612000339
COOP: 061510A2
06-TUL-198-6.8Akers Street Interchange ImprovementsCity of Visalia, Between Cypress and Hillsdale Ave 2 (10/09/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
208651Project ID: 208651
Permit Numbers: 0512NMC0169
05-SLO-101-25.9/25.94Construct bicycle trailHwy 101, San Luis Obispo09/17/20182 (11/27/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
208685Project ID: 208685
DEA: 010A4404
EFIS: 0100020315
01-MEN-1,20,101,162,175,271-VARREHABILITATE BRIDGES - MEN. CO.MENDOCINO COUNTY AT VARIOUS LOCATIONS01/02/20152 (04/04/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
208705Project ID: 208705
DEA: 120H0274
EFIS: 1200000635
12-ORA-5-24.0I-5/ Sand Canyon Widening Interchange and Improvement projectI-5 and San Diego10/06/20152 (04/15/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
208708Project ID: 208708
DEA: 060P6604
EFIS: 0612000199
COOP: 061516
06-KER-SR223-20.91/21.16Bear Mountain Boulevard Streetscape (PPNO 6553)In Arvin, from Comanche Road to Derby Street in Kern County 2 (05/08/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
209943Project ID: 209943
DEA: 044H2804
EFIS: 0413000202
COOP: 042543
04-SCL-237-2.3/8.2   2 (02/02/2018)DetailsPersonnelView Sample