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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActionsSample
215132Project ID: 215132
DEA: 051M6404
EFIS: 0520000045
05-SLO-101-37/46Atascadero Slab Replacement - replace JPCP with precast pavement panels (Procast)US 101 near Atascadero 1 (08/26/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215133Project ID: 215133
Permit Numbers: 08196CD0251
08---2.9/-1Enter onto SR-83 right-of-way at Kimball Avenue in the City of Chino, to perform street improvement, signal modification, signal pole relocation, install curb, gutter, sidewalk and a modified commercial driveway approach, as per plans and SWPPP date stamped August 07, 2020 by the Department of Tran7031 Kimball Avenue, Chino NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
215135Project ID: 215135
DEA: 061A8304
EFIS: 0620000082
MINOR: 06A2629
06---   1 (09/09/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215136Project ID: 215136
DEA: 101K2404
EFIS: 1019000087
MINOR: 10A2168
10-CAL-49-VARCured in Place Pipeliners and RCP culvertsCalaveras and Tuolumne counties in various locations. 1 (08/28/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215137Project ID: 215137
DEA: 061A6204
EFIS: 0621000026
06-FRE-33-24.8EMERGENCY CULVERT REPAIRSFRESNO 33 1 (09/01/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215138Project ID: 215138
DEA: 071XK104
07---  08/28/20201 (08/28/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215139Project ID: 215139
MINOR: 06A2625
06---   1 (09/09/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215140Project ID: 215140
DEA: 051K9604
EFIS: 0519000043
MINOR: 05A2236
05-SLO-101-VarCulvert Rehab 2SLO 101 1 (10/26/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215141Project ID: 215141
DEA: 010G7105
EFIS: 0117000052
MINOR: 01A2003
01-HUM-96-0.6Willow Creek Charging StationWillow Creek Maintenance Yard 1 (08/28/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
215142Project ID: 215142
DEA: 020J2904
EFIS: 0219000085
02-MOD-299-56.2Cedarville Sandhouse  1 (09/11/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample