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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
209159Project ID: 209159
Permit Numbers: 0412NMC1030
04-SCL-9-11.15/11.15Work includes widening HWY 9 AND University, and traffic signal modifications.HWY 9, Town of Los Gatos10/21/20141 (10/17/2013)Details
993216Project ID: 993216
Permit Numbers: 10206MC0848
10--4-15.078Work includes pavement widening, new and improve pedestrian facilities, replacing existing pork chop divider, construction of new curb ramps, traffic signal modifications, drainage improvements, and striping and signageState Highway 4 right of way located at the intersection of Fresno Avenue in the City of Stockton 1 (08/25/2021)Details
215152Project ID: 215152
Permit Numbers: 0416NMC2549 0418NRT2862 0420NRT1183 04206RW2133
04-ALA--4.7Work includes improvement for both vehicle and pedestrians will be updated along Nursery Ave.Nursery Ave, Fremont 1 (09/01/2020)Details
215504Project ID: 215504
DEA: 120R1304
EFIS: 1218000046
MINOR: 12A1824
12-ORA-57-11.1Work includes adding and refreshing the pavement delineation with enhanced wet night visibility thermoplastic striping and markings. Upgrade the signage along the offramp by removing 26 existing roadside signs and installing 30 new roadside signs (one posOrange County 1 (07/08/2021)Details
213714Project ID: 213714
Permit Numbers: 04176MC1529
04-ALA-238-647/647Work associated with a new residential subdivision including: replace existing driveway apron with new driveway apron at 41948 Mission Blvd., remove driveway cuts at 42012, 42054 and 42092 Mission Blvd, as par of the new subdivision improvements, construct new public intersection, right of way dedi41717 Palm Avenue, Fremont10/22/20191 (11/06/2018)Details
7537Project ID: 7537
DEA: 060G9204
EFIS: 0600000113
COOP: 061389
Permit Numbers: 0612NMC0304 0612NDP0384
06-KER--54.15/54.61Woollomes Avenue Interchange Improvements 06/21/20211 (01/04/2013)Details
862Project ID: 862
DEA: 030F5704
03-COL,GLE-20,162-10.3,38.6Wire Mesh Netting To Be Placed For Preservation Of Slope.Colusa & Glenn Counties on Route 20 at 3.0 miles West of Leesville Road & on Route 162 at 2.8 miles West of County Road 306.01/20/20101 (01/20/2010)Details
2942Project ID: 2942
DEA: 051L2904
05-SM-101-6.62Wipple Ave and Northbound Route 101 Off-ramp in Redwood City (05A1521) 03/18/20201 (08/08/2007)Details
213314Project ID: 213314
DEA: 034H3304
EFIS: 0318000264
03---Winters Sinkhole 01/08/2019NOT VERIFIEDDetails
6542Project ID: 6542
DEA: 120G0114
12-ORA-241-35.1/38.1Windy Ridge Fastrak Lane WideningIn Orange County Route 241 PM 35.1/38.107/28/2010NOT VERIFIEDDetails