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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
212201Project ID: 212201
DEA: 11430074
EFIS: 1117000139
11-SD-8-10.3/10.5replace failed culvert  1 (11/01/2016)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212204Project ID: 212204
DEA: 032H9204
EFIS: 0317000203
03-NEV-49-14.04culvert invert repair, headwall replacement 08/06/20191 (09/18/2017)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212205Project ID: 212205
DEA: 044K7104
EFIS: 0417000340
04-SCL-35-9.5, 9.50construct tie-back wall 02/22/20191 (06/22/2017)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212206Project ID: 212206
DEA: 11430094
EFIS: 1117000144
11-SD-163-5.7, 5.70replace 50' of CMP  1 (11/01/2016)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212207Project ID: 212207
DEA: 023H3304
EFIS: 0217000099
02-PLU,PLU/LAS,LAS/PLU-Var,49,70,89,70,VAR-Var, 0/7.5,26/95.7,0/8.7,0/3.9, VARreconstruct shoulder, enbankments, ditches, place RSP 12/22/20201 (04/04/2018)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212208Project ID: 212208
DEA: 081H7804
EFIS: 0817000134
08-RIV-91-R2.2restore side slope, repair culvert  1 (06/24/2021)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212210Project ID: 212210
DEA: 051J3204
05-MON,MON-1-47.0/58.0, 47.0/60.0remove slide material, repair embankments 02/27/2019NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212211Project ID: 212211
DEA: 044K5004
04-MRN-1-33.4, 33.40construct sheet pile wall, bio-armoring 12/17/20191 (07/17/2017)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212212Project ID: 212212
DEA: 032H9804
EFIS: 0317000214
03-NEV-80-24.7/24.9remove slide material, install underdrain 08/06/20191 (09/18/2017)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
212214Project ID: 212214
DEA: 033H0004
EFIS: 0317000216
03-BUT-70-35.7/48.0remove multiple slides, repair roadway, replace damaged MBGR 08/06/20191 (09/18/2017)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report