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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActionsSample
213555Project ID: 213555
Permit Numbers: 0415NSI2558
04---  01/17/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
213556Project ID: 213556
DEA: 060S3904
MINOR: 06A2299
06--41-4.3   1 (01/31/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
213564Project ID: 213564
DEA: 071XH604
07-LA-210-R37.8/R38.0Remove depressed pavement, replace the base material and replace the concrete slabs 11/04/2019NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
213566Project ID: 213566
DEA: 04013574
EFIS: 0416000287
04---E4-E18 Marine Foundation Removal 08/22/20181 (08/22/2018)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
213567Project ID: 213567
DEA: 120P7504
EFIS: 1216000012
MINOR: 12A1738
12-ORA-1,133-5.5,.04Add and reconstruct ADA curb ramps on the NW and NE corners of the intersection of South Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Construct new sidewalk, relocate a Type 1-A signal pole and controller cabinet on the NW Corner of the intersection to provide a four foot sidewalk clear width per ADA standards. Rec  1 (01/03/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
213568Project ID: 213568
DEA: 034H6904
EFIS: 0319000026
03-SAC-12-Major Damage Restoration (Emergency Opening)  1 (08/24/2018)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
213587Project ID: 213587
DEA: 081K2704
08-RIV-10-104.9Abandon the existing well and drill a new well to be connected to the exisiting system 02/25/2020NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
213619Project ID: 213619
DEA: 033H6704
EFIS: 0318000037
MINOR: 03A2774
03-SAC--RTMC Front Entry  1 (01/08/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
213620Project ID: 213620
DEA: 081K3004
08-RIV-74,243-48.1/64.3, 0.0/3.5Repair/replace drainage systems, erosion control, reinforce embankment, clean basins, rock scaling, slope excavation, pavement  NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
213621Project ID: 213621
DEA: 033F6004
EFIS: 0313000077
Permit Numbers: 0317AOP0993
03-SAC-50-2.88/3.13Items requiring source inspection: 74 Ground anchors for the Brighton Overhead Retaining Wall 02/10/20212 (04/26/2018)DetailsPersonnelView Sample