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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActionsSample
212793Project ID: 212793
DEA: 023H8804
02-TRI-299-9.5/10.5Line 84" culvert with 48" add two 48" overflow culverts, replace 24" culverts, install new head/cut-off wall, reinforce top 4' of Sub-grade under paved surface, replace HMA, and pressure grout voids in fill 12/22/20201 (01/08/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212773Project ID: 212773
DEA: 044A8004
EFIS: 0400001164
04-ALA-880-30.5Lake Merritt Railroad Bridge Replacement  1 (09/09/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212778Project ID: 212778
DEA: 023H6504
EFIS: 0218000004
02-SIS-5-25.2/38.6   1 (02/27/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212779Project ID: 212779
DEA: 021H5804
EFIS: 0216000024
02-PLU-70-58.4/R78.4   1 (01/08/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212780Project ID: 212780
DEA: 031G1104
EFIS: 0318000044
03-SAC-5-22.5/23.6Perform pavement roughening and spall repair, joint seal replacement, methacrylate 08/03/20181 (10/09/2017)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212781Project ID: 212781
DEA: 033H8604
EFIS: 0318000080
03-SAC-160-L7.9/L8.2Repair eroded embankment 01/08/20191 (07/23/2018)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212796Project ID: 212796
DEA: 032H8604
EFIS: 0317000191
03-SAC-160-L4.5/L9.4Remove and replace approximately 2' of roadway structural section and stabilize slope where severe damage is present 04/16/20211 (12/18/2017)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212797Project ID: 212797
DEA: 022H2904
EFIS: 0216000074
02-PLU-147-1/2   1 (04/03/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212799Project ID: 212799
DEA: 051G8904
MINOR: 05A1961
05-MON-L5712-  09/06/2019NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
212807Project ID: 212807
DEA: 050T0014
EFIS: 0513000169
05---   1 (09/30/2019)DetailsPersonnelView Sample