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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
5651Project ID: 5651
DEA: 100N1204
MINOR: 10A0767
10-SJ-99-13.4/15.0SHOLDER RUMBLE STRIPS 12/05/20191 (01/06/2014)Details CEM-3701 Report
5654Project ID: 5654
DEA: 100N1504
10-MER-5-000.0/032.5DIGOUTS & REPAIR OF LOCALIZED FAILURES & A/C OVERLAY 04/08/20111 (06/24/2008)Details CEM-3701 Report
5656Project ID: 5656
DEA: 100N2104
10-STA,SJ-5-0.0/45.2,0.0/0.5Resurface existing roadway with rubberized asphalt concrete (type G) 01/19/20111 (01/19/2011)Details CEM-3701 Report
5657Project ID: 5657
DEA: 100N2204
MINOR: 10A0749
10-TUO-108-R3.8AC SURFACING 12/05/20191 (01/06/2014)Details CEM-3701 Report
5659Project ID: 5659
DEA: 100N2604
10-SJ-4-R15.7/R19.4TREAT BRIDGE DECKS W/ METHACRYLATE AND REPLACE JOINT SEALS 05/16/20111 (05/16/2011)Details CEM-3701 Report
5662Project ID: 5662
DEA: 100N3004
10-SJ-5-R11.8/39.6REPLACE BRIDGE JOINTS AND APPROACH SLABS 04/08/20111 (11/04/2008)Details CEM-3701 Report
5663Project ID: 5663
DEA: 100N3104
10-SJ-99-11.5/11.8REMOVE AC AND PLACE POLYESTER CONCRETE OVERLAY 04/08/20111 (11/04/2008)Details CEM-3701 Report
5664Project ID: 5664
DEA: 100N3204
10-SJ-12,99-R4.4,31.7REMOVE ASPHALT CONCRETE AND REPAIR BRIDGE DECK 04/08/20111 (11/04/2008)Details CEM-3701 Report
5665Project ID: 5665
DEA: 100N3604
10-SJ-4-R15.7RECONSTRUCT BRIDGE ABUTMENT 04/08/20111 (11/04/2008)Details CEM-3701 Report
5667Project ID: 5667
DEA: 100N3804
10-CAL-26,49-VAROVERLAY BRIDGE DECKS W/ POLYESTER CONCRETE 04/08/20111 (11/04/2008)Details CEM-3701 Report