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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
3019Project ID: 3019
Permit Numbers: 06086CD0326 0610NRW0005
06-FRE-180-42.639/42.639Widen the southeast corner of intersection of State Routes 145 and 180. Remove and replace existing curb, ramps, gutter and sidewalk. Restripe crosswalks in intersection. Modify signal system. Replace signal pole in southeast corner. Replace controlSR 180 and SR 145, Kerman04/27/20182 (11/21/2014)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
210519Project ID: 210519
Permit Numbers: 0615AOP0265
06---14.6Enter upon the State Highway Right-of-way on State Route 198 (SR 198) in Tulare County at Noble Avenue and SR 198 eastbound ramps at approximate PM R14.60, to set up, maintain, and remove temporary traffic control necessary to construct the City of Farmersville Single-Lane Roundabout Project No. 06SR 198 EB Ramps, Farmersville11/30/00-12 (01/17/2019)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
215362Project ID: 215362
Permit Numbers: 10206MC0075 10216RT0422
10---8.152Modify westbound MacArthur I-205 off ramp work which includes adding a new 12-foot left-turn pocket to match existing structural pavement section and to conform to the existing grade, new shoulders, striping of left turn pockets and through lanes under the freeway, and modification of traffic signaSR 205, Tracy03/03/20221 (12/10/2020)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
215480Project ID: 215480
Permit Numbers: 10196MC0702
10---1.373Construct approximately 150' concrete curb & gutter, AC grind & overly, and replace electrical loops located at International Parkway and I-205 eastbound on-ramp intersection in the City of Tracy. All work shall conform to the approved plans and special provisions per Caltrans Standard SSR 205, Tracy03/03/20221 (02/12/2021)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1793Project ID: 1793
DEA: 040G4604
EFIS: 0400000334
COOP: 042314
Permit Numbers: 0411NMC0901 0411NRW1894
04-SCL-237-4.69/9.33Caltrans is proposing to construct the project which involves conversion of existing high occupancy vehicle (Hov)direct connector ramps at the SR 237/ I-880 Interchange to express lanes, with single occupant vehicles permitted by paying a toll.SR 237, I-880, Var08/21/20181 (07/05/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
208632Project ID: 208632
DEA: 050T9204
EFIS: 0500020194
COOP: 05CA0254
Permit Numbers: 0512NSN0241
05-SB-246-8.78/9.15Install traffic signal, safety lighting, signal interconnect, and reconstruct four curb ramps at the intersection of State Route 246 and R Street as shown on the attached plans, as directed by cooperative agreement 05-CA-0254 and as directed by the permiSR 246, Lompoc09/17/20182 (03/14/2013)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
209006Project ID: 209006
Permit Numbers: 10136UL0322
10-SJ-26-1.38/1.38Trench to place one 26"x55"x4' high cabinet on 6'x9' concrete pad; from new cabinet location, trench 10'east to existing joint pole, bore 160' east along edge of right of way to existing cabinet, and trench 132' west along edge of right of way to existingSR 26, Stockton12/04/20181 (08/07/2014)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
210422Project ID: 210422
DEA: 07297604
EFIS: 0713000212
07-LA-27-13.3/13.7Westfield West Valley Offsite ImprovementsSR 27 Topanga Canyon Boulevard Widening08/17/20212 (10/01/2014)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
215111Project ID: 215111
Permit Numbers: 0220NSN0268 0219NUE0397 02216DP0201 0221NRT0548
02---52.5/52.65New encroachment for signalized intersection construction for Phase 2 of County Road 266 (lance Gulch Road aka East Connector) where it intersects with State Highway 299 and Glen Road. Work includes removal of existing stop signs, flashing beacons, and intersection lighting, construction of new trSR 299 / Glen Road / Lance Gulch Road, Weaverville 1 (08/23/2021)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
210055Project ID: 210055
Permit Numbers: 1012NMC0750
10-SJ-4-17.61/17.61Install Emergency Vehicle Preemption System at the intersections of State Highway 4 westbound ramps and Wilson Way, and State Highway 4 eastbound ramps and Wilson, as shown on the approved plans. The work also includes the installation of a City of Stockton Pan-Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Closed-Circuit TelevSR 4, Stockton02/06/20151 (11/17/2014)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report