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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActionsSample
215141Project ID: 215141
DEA: 010G7105
EFIS: 0117000052
MINOR: 01A2003
01-HUM-96-0.6Willow Creek Charging StationWillow Creek Maintenance Yard 1 (08/28/2020)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
210703Project ID: 210703
Permit Numbers: 04156DP1438 0414NMC1139 0415NRT1459
04-SM--27.65/27.65Improvements include roadway widening to include an additional eastbound right turn lane,new sidewalk and a Class 1 Bike Path along Willow Rd between the existing railroad tracks and the existing Bay Trail located near Bayfront Expwy.Willow Road / Bayfront Exp., Menlo Park09/14/20181 (07/29/2015)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
210975Project ID: 210975
Permit Numbers: 04156DP2177 0414NMC0989
04-SF-114-5.15/5.32Proposed improvements include reconstruction of Willow Road and Newbridge Street intersection,roadway widening for an additional westbound through/right-turn lane,curb reconstruction,utility relocations,traffic signal modifications,and signing and striping improvements.Willow Road, Menlo Park08/22/20181 (10/27/2015)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
213473Project ID: 213473
Permit Numbers: 0717NMC0725 07176DP2028 0717NRW2377 07186RT0795
07--105-9.788/9.788Addition of a pedestrian crosswalk on south side of the intersection to accommodate the proposed pedestrian crosswalk. Signal modifications, activated push button installation, curb return, sidewalk and curb ramp modifications. Existing median will be adjusted to accommodate the proposed crosswalWillowbrook Ave east, NA06/17/20211 (06/17/2021)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
209048Project ID: 209048
DEA: 07234004
EFIS: 0700000394
Permit Numbers: 0712NMC1924
07-LA-405-9.3/9.9Modification at I-405 ramp and Wilmington Ave.Wilmington Ave., Carson 1 (11/08/2013)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
212629Project ID: 212629
Permit Numbers: 08166MC0489 08186RW0070
08-RIV-79-18.47/18.47Enter onto State Route 79 (SR-79) right-of-way at the intersection of Stetson Avenue in the County of Riverside to repave and widen highway with HMA overlay; install new landscape and irrigation, new signal and lighting, signage, pavement delineation, striping; construct new curb, gutters, sidewalkWinchester Road & Stetson Avenue, Hemet 1 (03/20/2018)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
2019Project ID: 2019
DEA: 04219934
EFIS: 0400000636
04-SON-101-31.2/31.50406-6DP-1216 (Contractor's permit number); 0406-NMC-0350 (original permit issued to the town of Windsor) 0406-NRD-1253 (a rider reflecting some District directed change)WINDSOR-ARATA LANE INTERCHANGE PROJECT PHASE 2A06/08/20201 (05/11/2007)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
210562Project ID: 210562
DEA: 031C2114
EFIS: 0314000213
03-SAC-5-VarRiverfront Reconnection Project - Phase 1Within in the City of Sacramento03/23/20202 (07/15/2015)DetailsPersonnelView Sample
209392Project ID: 209392
DEA: 074X2104
EFIS: 0714000195
07-LA-210,134-15.6/20.3,5.9,13.0LA-210-WATER CONSERVATIONWithin Los Angeles County08/01/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetailsPersonnelView Sample
209510Project ID: 209510
DEA: 074X2404
EFIS: 0714000206
07-VEN-33-22.16,32.4Repair slope failureWithin Los Padres National Forest about 10 miles north of the City of Ojai in northwestern Ventura County06/24/20141 (04/22/2014)DetailsPersonnelView Sample