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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
7673Project ID: 7673
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0711NSN1084
07-LA-1-11.6/11.6Upgrade intersection to be part of Wilmington ATSAC System. Work will include:1. Installation of new 332 cabinet and 2070 controller.2. Installation of video fiber and interconnect cable.3. Install stub outs and loop detectors.4. Install APS pedestrian headPacific Coast Highway (Rte 1), Los Angeles07/31/20181 (12/21/2012)Details CEM-3701 Report
3830Project ID: 3830
DEA: 07145514
EFIS: 0700000146
07-LA-1-PCH Triple Grade SeparationPacific Coast Highway along Alameda Corridor near Wilmington, CA06/16/20211 (06/16/2021)Details CEM-3701 Report
209126Project ID: 209126
DEA: 073X9904
EFIS: 0713000328
07-VEN-1-9.9Dredge Channel at Bridges to Maximize clearance for fire storm debrisPacific Coast Highway at Calleguas Creek Bridges ( 52-0010 L & R , PM 9.9), just south of Las Posas Rd. OC. 1 (06/05/2014)Details CEM-3701 Report
4232Project ID: 4232
DEA: 073X2304
07-VEN-1-0/10.2Place protection BarriersPacific Coast Highway in Malibu north to Los Posas Rd OC near City of Oxnard10/11/20121 (10/11/2012)Details CEM-3701 Report
3761Project ID: 3761
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 07116DP1101
07-LA-1-12.171/12.171DP to 711-NSN-0344Pacific Coast Highway Route 001, Los Angeles07/31/20181 (03/20/2013)Details CEM-3701 Report
3762Project ID: 3762
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 07116DP1102
07-LA-1-10.532/10.532DO to 711-NSN-0339Pacific Coast Highway Route 001, Los Angeles07/31/20181 (12/13/2012)Details CEM-3701 Report
208856Project ID: 208856
DEA: 074X0704
EFIS: 0713000420
07-LA-1-8.3Repair Sinkhole and Roadway PavementPacific Coast Highway, adjacent to Hobson Ave OH/Bridge ( #53-0347), located in Long Beach 1 (12/06/2012)Details CEM-3701 Report
211637Project ID: 211637
Permit Numbers: 1205NSN0510 1213NRT0121
12-ORA-1-11/11Perform the following work within the State right of way at the intersection of Pacific Coast Highway (SR-1) and Shamrock Road in Emerald Bay:1) install traffic signal system and appurtenances2) install advanced dynamic changeable message speed warning signs3) signing and striping modification.4) mPacific Coast Highway, Laguna Beach09/06/20181 (08/08/2016)Details CEM-3701 Report
3663Project ID: 3663
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0708NMC1332
07-LA-1-0.59/0.59widen PCH add additional S/B left turn lane and shoulder, curb & gutter, sidewalk, curb return,AC,driveway,catch basin, storm drain, curb ramp, traffic signal pole relocation, striping and signing DP is 711-6DP-0814Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach07/31/20181 (03/21/2013)Details CEM-3701 Report
212946Project ID: 212946
Permit Numbers: 0715NMC0971 07176DP2164 0717NRT1832
07-LA-1-18.1/18.1constructing AC pavement, removing and constructing sidewalk, curb and gutter, curb ramp, modifying signals, installing striping and signing, relocating fire hydrant, pull box, water meter, and performing associated traffic control activities on Pacifica Coast Hwy (Route 1) for adding a right turnPacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach06/17/20211 (12/08/2017)Details CEM-3701 Report