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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
212927Project ID: 212927
Permit Numbers: 0716NCS2320 07176DP1688 0717NRW1961
07-LA-138-47.4/47.4Reconstruction of ADA curb ramps at the four corners of the intersection. AC pavement surface modifications to match existing grades to new construction. Sidewalk construction and wall along the back of sidewalk with pedestrian railing. Drainage headwall removal. Drainage headwall construction andPalmdale Blvd at 35th Street East, Plamdale06/16/20211 (11/07/2017)Details CEM-3701 Report
4768Project ID: 4768
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0808NSN0648 08086DP1018
08-SBD-18-95.7/95.7Entering the State Right of Way at D Street and 7th Street in the City of Victorville, for the installation of automated red-light enforcement system, as per plans date stamped October 7, 2008 by Caltrans Encroachment Permit Office, and/or as directed byPalmdale Rd. & Armargosa Rd., Victorville12/22/2010NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
215153Project ID: 215153
Permit Numbers: 08196MC1391
08---102.5Enter onto State Route 18 (SR-18) at Verbena Road, in the City of Adelanto, to do the street improvement on SR-18, between Monte Vista Road and Bellflower Street, including construct new 0.7 feet asphalt concrete pavement, remove and replace existing asphalt concrete pavement, construct new curb anPalmdale Road, Adelanto06/23/20211 (10/21/2020)Details CEM-3701 Report
4766Project ID: 4766
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0808NSN0632 08086DP1020
08-SBD-18-96.799/96.799Entering the State Right of Way at Palmdale Road and Park Ave in the City of Victorville, for the installation of automated red-light enforcement system, as per plans date stamped October 7, 2008 by Caltrans Encroachment Permit Office, and/or as directedPalmdale Road, Victorville12/22/2010NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
213812Project ID: 213812
Permit Numbers: 0518NMC0630 0519NDP0337
05---0.75/0.92construct intersection improvements including work on existing median, HMA paving, signing and striping, traffic control signals, sidewalk, curb and gutter, curb ramps, stormwater drainage inlets, adjust utility vaults and connections to waterlinePalmetto Avenue, Salinas10/29/20201 (11/04/2019)Details CEM-3701 Report
5962Project ID: 5962
Permit Numbers: 11076MC0177
11-IMP-86-19.62Modification of traffic signal.Panno Road (City of Brawley Public Street)08/01/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
778Project ID: 778
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0308NSN0464
03-GLE-32-1/1.02Signal-New / ModifyPapst Avenue, Chico09/17/2014NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
7048Project ID: 7048
DEA: 07293904
EFIS: 0712000254
07-LA-60-7.77REPLACE BRIDGE (53-3076) and RAMPS, INSTALL ELECTRICAL SYSTEM, OVERHAEAD SIGNS Note, this project started on March 5th and is to be finished on June 10th Please contact the SMR with any questions or concernsPARAMOUNT BLVD at RTE 60 IN CITY OF MONTEBELLO - bridge Number 53-307602/22/20131 (03/19/2012)Details CEM-3701 Report
3563Project ID: 3563
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0705NMC1643
07-LA-60-7.77/7.77Widen westbound Route 60 (San Gabriel Freeway)off-ramp to three lanes, widen Paramount Boulevard to add a right-turn lane onto the westbound on-ramp, roadway improvements including sidewalk, curb ramps, re-striping, curb and gutter, drainage modificationsParamount Boulevard, Monterey Park07/31/20181 (03/21/2013)Details CEM-3701 Report
211090Project ID: 211090
DEA: 081F5204
EFIS: 0814000236