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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
994483Project ID: 994483
DEA: 061B1704
EFIS: 0620000155
MINOR: 06A2805
06---   1 (02/23/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report
994484Project ID: 994484
DEA: 070Q9804
MINOR: 07A5483
07---   1 (08/03/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report
994485Project ID: 994485
DEA: 07340904
EFIS: 0717000182
COOP: 075278
07---Malibu-Signal Improvement  2 (02/08/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report
994488Project ID: 994488
DEA: 042W0504
EFIS: 0421000131
MINOR: 04A6555
04-SON-1-8.6  04/10/20241 (02/14/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report
994489Project ID: 994489
DEA: 010K6904
EFIS: 0120000135
01-DN-101-M0/46.5   1 (04/25/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report
88885Project ID: 88885
DEA: Geotechnical Investigations
EFIS: Geotechnical Investigations
59---Special project for geotechnical investigations.  NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
994495Project ID: 994495
Permit Numbers: 0221NCS0246
02-SHA-299-22.223Remove and replace pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk, curb ramp, intersection signal poles, utility boxes, and signalization equipment; install new curb, gutter, sidewalk, and pedestrian crossing at post mile 22.223 in Redding, Shasta County.  1 (02/15/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report
994496Project ID: 994496
DEA: 051Q6904
EFIS: 0523000064
05-SCR-35-3.0, 3/3Install soldier pile wall  1 (02/17/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report
994499Project ID: 994499
DEA: 042Y9504
EFIS: 0423000182
04-ALA-880-31.2, 31.2/31.2REMOVE DAMAGED BRIDGE CONCRETE 06/22/2023NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
994500Project ID: 994500
DEA: 101P4504
EFIS: 1022000122
MINOR: 10A2468
10-SJ-4,99-   1 (05/10/2023)Details CEM-3701 Report