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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
1773Project ID: 1773
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0410NRT1354
04-SOL-80-16.34/16.34Work includes widening the Chadborne Rd. (Abernathy Rd. becomes Chadborne Rd. at Hwy 12). Right turn lane will be added to northbound Chadborne Rd to access eastbound 80.Abernathy Rd., Fairfield08/20/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1772Project ID: 1772
DEA: 04246534
EFIS: 0400000694
Permit Numbers: 0407NMC0433 0410NRD1788 0410NDP0036
04-CC-4-41.9/42.4Install of rubberized hot mix asphalt overlay and soft median barrier. Survey monument and detector handhole adjustment , replacements and installation of internally illuminated street name signs, striping.Bryon Highway, contra Costa county08/21/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1771Project ID: 1771
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0410NRD1409
04-CC-4-0/23.96Widening of California Avenue including construction of asphalt, curb & gutter, new storm drainage improvements and traffic signals.California Ave, Pittsburg08/20/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1770Project ID: 1770
DEA: 040G3404
EFIS: 0400000324
Permit Numbers: 0410NMC1956
04-SCL-85-21.1/21.1Constructing of a new pedestrians overcrossing.Route 85, Mountain View08/21/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1768Project ID: 1768
DEA: 041A7404
Permit Numbers: 0410NMC1424
04-SCL-101-48.8/49.2This City of Mountain View proposes to construct a Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing at Route 101 and Bicycle /pedestian Undercrossing at Old Middlefield Way along Permante Creek in the City of Mountain View.Route 101, Mountain View01/18/20191 (01/18/2019)Details CEM-3701 Report
1767Project ID: 1767
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0410NMC1262
04-SM-82-24.6/24.9The project includes the widening and architectural treatment of the east sidewalk.Route 82- Mission Street, Daly City09/14/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1766Project ID: 1766
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0410NMC0852
04-SOL-80-25.77/26.1The City of Vacaville is performing road widening work along Davis Street near Bella Vista Road.Davis Street Vacaville, Vacaville09/14/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1765Project ID: 1765
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0410NMC0628
04-MRN-101-18.6/19.1Construction of class 1 bike path 3,200 in length.US Highway 101, Novato01/21/2019NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1764Project ID: 1764
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0410NMC0232
04-SCL-101-0/17.82Minor Roadway wideningCochrane Road / Route 101 interchange, Morgan Hill09/14/2018NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report
1763Project ID: 1763
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 0410NDP0269
04-SM-101-  04/29/2011NOT VERIFIEDDetails CEM-3701 Report