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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
211164Project ID: 211164
DEA: 010G0204
01-MEN-271-18.4/20.32 loc, Repair slipout, correct drainage at viaductat McCoy Creek Slide Hill08/27/20181 (12/21/2016)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
215118Project ID: 215118
DEA: 020J5104
EFIS: 0219000131
02---19/20 Marker Job 10/04/20211 (08/26/2020)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
215059Project ID: 215059
DEA: 010J2204
EFIS: 0118000192
01---18/19 Pavement Delineation 07/20/20211 (07/24/2020)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
5488Project ID: 5488
DEA: 10937700
EFIS: 0000001155
Permit Numbers: 10056CD0617 1007NRD0090
10-MER-152-21.76/21.7618' Roadway widening, median improvements, relocation of catch basin, water and sewer service, traffic signal at easternmost driveway. Project Storm Water Facts:1) Estimated DSA within State R/W = 1.04 acres.2) Because of the estimated DSA as well as theState Route 152, Los Banos02/20/2014NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
215170Project ID: 215170
DEA: 09369204
EFIS: 0920000008
MINOR: 09A0801
09--178-178 Signs  1 (09/16/2020)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
5940Project ID: 5940
Permit Numbers: 1105NDP0701 1105NUR0392
11-SD-15-16″ WATERLINE RELOCATION UNDER I-15 CITY OF ESCONDIDO 07/29/2010NOT VERIFIEDDetails Personnel CEM-3701 Report
211771Project ID: 211771
MINOR: 05A1862
05--152-152/001 Separation  1 (10/05/2016)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
215172Project ID: 215172
DEA: 024H7004
EFIS: 0219000040
MINOR: 02A1920
02-PLU-147-1.4/8.3147 WOW Culverts 10/04/20211 (09/10/2020)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
213987Project ID: 213987
DEA: 120R8104
EFIS: 1219000043
12-ORA-5-30.8/31.0, 30.8012-0R810, Rte 5, Concrete Curtain Wall Panel Directors Order  1 (12/10/2020)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
213955Project ID: 213955
DEA: 120R8004
EFIS: 1219000042
12-ORA-57,91-15.2/15.312-0R800 Rte.57 Damaged Soundwall  1 (12/10/2020)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report