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Project IDProject IdentifiersDIST-CO-RTE-PMWork DescriptionLocation DescriptionCaltrans Closeout DateMETS Service LevelActions
1678Project ID: 1678
DEA: 040E6604
04-ALA-680-M2.8/M5.1REPLACE CONCRETE PAVEMENT 04/20/20111 (04/20/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1677Project ID: 1677
DEA: 040E5804
04-SOL-12,37-VARTreat Bridge Deck With Methacrylate And Replace Joint Seals. 07/29/20111 (07/29/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1676Project ID: 1676
DEA: 040E5604
04-SCL-85,87,280-VARREPLACE JOINT SEALS ASSEMBLIES & TREAT BRIDGE DECK W/ METH 04/20/20111 (04/20/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1675Project ID: 1675
DEA: 040E5504
04-NAP-29-R2.4INSTALL POLYSTER CONCRETE OVERLAY 04/20/20111 (04/20/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1674Project ID: 1674
DEA: 040E5404
04-SM-280-R23.2/M27.2PLACE POLYESTER CONCRETE OVERLAY AND REPLACE JOINT SEALS 10/18/20131 (04/27/2009)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1673Project ID: 1673
DEA: 040E5304
04-SM-380-4.7/6.4Treat Bridge Deck With Methacrylate Resin And Replace Joint Seals. 05/05/20111 (05/05/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1672Project ID: 1672
DEA: 040E5204
04-CC-4-R14.2/R27.8Replace Joint Seals And Assemblies And Apply Methacrylate. 04/20/20111 (04/20/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1671Project ID: 1671
DEA: 040E5104
04-SOL-37-R0.01INSTALL POLYESTER CONCRETE OVERLAY AND REPLACE AND JOINT SEAL 07/29/20111 (07/29/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1670Project ID: 1670
DEA: 040E4804
EFIS: 0400000208
MINOR: 04A3229
04-SCL-237-2.9/R4.6NON-LANDSCAPE WEED CONTROL 03/23/20202 (08/21/2019)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report
1669Project ID: 1669
DEA: 040E4604
04-ALA-580-R28.3/R30.4Non-landscaped Weed Control. 04/20/20111 (04/20/2011)Details Personnel CEM-3701 Report