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Project IdentifiersProject ID: 66667
EFIS: 0019000043
Award DateNot set
Closeout DateNot set
Work DescriptionSpecial project for submitting Sample information for JMF Prequalification Program.
Location DescriptionNot set


Samples submitted for this project.
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DIME Sample IDSample Taken DateSample Received DateSample TypeMaterial TypeLink
2019-01-24-1701/24/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-24-1801/24/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-24-1901/24/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-24-2001/24/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-24-2101/24/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-04-6401/04/201901/04/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-04-6501/04/201901/04/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-04-6601/04/201901/04/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-04-6701/04/201901/04/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView
2019-01-04-6801/04/201901/04/2019Quality ControlReclaimed Asphalt PavementView

Job Mix Formula (JMF)

JMFs associated with this project.
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JMF IDStatusSubmitted byDIME Sample IDDate CreatedLink
JMF3511-208-2020-311Submittal Accepted for Verification CT HQ - Hot Mix Asphalt Laboratory11/30/2020View
JMF3511-318-2020-298Submittal Accepted for Verification CT D04 - DME / District Lab10/15/2020View
JMF3511-215-2020-295Submittal In Progress Jaxon Enterprises - Deer Creek Rock & Asphalt10/09/2020View
JMF3511-208-2020-247Submittal Accepted for Verification CT HQ - Hot Mix Asphalt Laboratory07/28/2020View
JMF3511-208-2020-246Submittal Completeness in Review CT HQ - Hot Mix Asphalt Laboratory07/28/2020View
JMF3511-208-2020-220Submittal In Progress CT HQ - Hot Mix Asphalt Laboratory06/18/2020View
JMF3511-173-2020-217Submittal Authorized For Use CT D05 - Field Laboratory06/17/2020View
JMF3511-173-2020-216Submittal Authorized For Use CT D05 - Field Laboratory06/17/2020View
JMF3511-208-2020-148Submittal Accepted for Verification CT HQ - Hot Mix Asphalt Laboratory04/06/2020View
JMF3511-208-2020-147Submittal Accepted for Verification CT HQ - Hot Mix Asphalt Laboratory04/03/2020View

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

EPDs submitted for this project.
Declaration NumberProgram OperatorMaterial TypeVendorSubmitted by
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