Search for Sample Record


Once a sample record is created, you can perform many operations to the sample. The difficult part is perhaps finding the sample record. This file describes how you can search for a sample record.

Who can perform this task?

Users with viewing privileges can perform this task.


1. First of all, log into DIME by entering your Email and Password at the following login page:

2. There are different ways to add new test result to a sample. Use the appropriate section below.

Using Recent Sample Table

A3. There is a table that shows samples that were taken in the past 90 days. You can try to use the table find the sample you are after. Then click on the "View" link to go to the sample’s page with sample operations.

Sample Table

Using Quick Sample Search Box

B3. On the right hand side of the top navigation bar of every page, there is a Sample Quick Access box in which you can search for a sample by typing in the sample taken date or the sample unique key. Hit the magnifying glass when you are done typing.

User Sample Search Box

B4. The matched records are displayed in a table. Use the link on the right side of the page to go to the sample’s page.

Display Search Result

Using Advanced Search Form

C3. The system also provides an advanced search form for finding a sample or samples. Click on the ‘Test Results’ menu to bring up the dropdown menus. Then, click on "Search" link.

Use Advanced Search Form

C4. There is an on‐screen tutorial for this page. Use that for your advantage by clicking on the link shown on the screenshot below.

On-screen Tutorial

C5. You should be able to use the page after viewing the on‐screen tutorial.