Requesting a New DIME Organization Account

Search for an Existing DIME Organization Account

To initiate a request to create a new DIME organization account for your company, lab or unit, begin by visiting the DIME organization search tool. A link to this page may also be found on the DIME sign in page.

You may use the tool to search for your company by browsing or by filtering the list by entering all or part of your company name, address or city in the search input fields at the top of the page.

Organization search

If you find your organization and want to be added, click on "Request Access" to initiate a request to join the DIME organization. After providing some of your details, the organization manager(s) will receive an automated message detailing your request and will be able to approve the request.

Requesting a new DIME Organization Account

If you cannot find your company, lab or unit in the DIME system using the search tool, you may request that a new DIME organization account be created. Click on the "request a new DIME organization account" link toward the top of the organization search tool. You will be brought to the DIME organization account request form.

Specify organization type

First, select if your organization is a Caltrans unit or an external, non-Caltrans organization. All requests will be reviewed by the Caltrans Materials Administrator for approval. For non-Caltrans DIME organization requests, your company or lab must meet the criteria for creating a DIME organization account as follows:

  1. A DIME organization account can only be created for non-Caltrans organizations using the system for one of the reasons listed below:
    1. Submittal of sample and/or test result information as required by a Caltrans project
    2. Providing Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) data
    3. Submittal of test results for a pre-qualification program
    4. Submittal of sample and test results data as part of a JMF submittal
    5. Conducting research
  2. The company or lab must not already have a DIME organization account.

If your company meets these requirements, proceed with filling out the form and clicking the "Submit" button. The Caltrans Materials Administrator will review your request within 5 business days. You will receive an automated response from DIME informing you of the approval (or denial) along with instructions on how to proceed with your newly created DIME organization account. Users that make the request will automatically be tagged with the "Organization Manager" role and will be able to add more users to the DIME organization.