Add Project Personnel


Project personnel information can be added to DIME for receiving notifications. This file describes the task.

Who can perform this task?

Users with authorization to work with the project can perform this task.


1. Log into DIME by entering your Email and Password at the following login page:

2. Click on "Projects" to bring up the dropdown menu and then click on "Projects" link to get to the project listing page.

Click on Projects

3. Identify the project you are working with then click on the "Personnel" link.

Click on Personnel

4. Click on the "Add New Project Personnel" to add new project personnel.

Add New Personnel

5. Fill in the personnel’s basic information on the form that popped up.

Fill in Personnel Information

6. Fix the errors if any.

Fix the Errors

7. Click the "Save" button when ready. The pop up form will disappear after the personnel is added to the project.