Test 2021-04-05-25-1 (ASTM D445-14) Summary

Project Information
Project IdentifiersProject ID: 44444
Work DescriptionSpecial project for submitting Sample information for Asphalt Supplier Certification Program.
Location DescriptionNot set
Sample Information
Sample Taken Date4/5/2021 Sample Unique Key25
Will the laboratory/organization for which you are a member perform testing on this material sample?Yes Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing4/5/2021
Sample typeQuality Control A brief description of the sampleAsphalt Binder Sample
The quantity of what the sample constitutes1 of 2 From where was the sample collectedManufacturer
First name of sampler or witnessed byDon Last name of sampler or witnessed byConner
Title of samplerAsphalt Technician Laboratory sample identificationPG5816-210405
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility nameSan Joaquin Refinery Transportation Laboratory (TL) Number
Inspector Lot Number from the Transportation Laboratory (TL) Form Structure unique identifier
Structure name
Material Information
Material TypeAsphalt Binder Performance GradePG 58-16
ModifiedNo Lot number
Sublot number Tank number2002
Time of sample7:45 am HMA Supplier
Asphalt Binder SupplierSan Joaquin Refinery - Bakersfield CA MultigradeNo
Multigrade TypeNot set HMA Design ID
Test Details
DIME Sample ID: 2021-04-05-25
DIME Test ID: 2021-04-05-25-1
Testing Lab: San Joaquin Refinery - Bakersfield
Test Method: ASTM D445-14: Standard Test Method for Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids (and Calculation of Dynamic Viscosity) (Kinematic Viscosity)
Test Release Date: 2021-05-03
Test Results

Input Type: Calculated
Tester's full name: Don Conner
Date of test: 04/05/2021
First Kinematic Viscosity:244.0000 mm2/s
Second Kinematic Viscosity:243.0000 mm2/s
Kinematic Viscosity:244.0000 mm2/s
Dynamic Viscosity:no data
General comments (publicly viewable) (Max 1000 characters): Test @ 135C

Test was verified on 05/03/2021