Summary for Test 2021-02-09-40-1

Test performed: CONCLP 2-16

Project Information

Project IdentifiersProject ID: 213903
DEA: 043G4544
EFIS: 0412000054
Award Date12/31/2019
Closeout DateNot set
Work DescriptionRepair Spalled Concrete Columns and Spandrel Beams
Location DescriptionSan Mateo-Hayward Bridge
QA Service Level1 (Verified on 01/22/2019)

Sample Information

Sample Taken Date02/09/2021 Sample Unique Key40
Will the laboratory/organization for which you are a member perform testing on this material sample?Yes Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing02/10/2021
Sample typeQuality Assurance A brief description of the sampleRapid Setting Concrete
The quantity of what the sample constitutes2 Bags From where was the sample collectedManufacturer
First name of sampler or witnessed byWill Last name of sampler or witnessed byReames
Title of samplerVP Telephone number of sampler
Laboratory sample identification Linked DIME Sample ID
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility nameGST International Transportation Laboratory (TL) NumberC902227
Inspector Lot Number from the Transportation Laboratory (TL) Form Structure unique identifier
Structure name

Material Information

Material TypeRapid Set ManufacturerGST International
Mix no.3497 Materials ReceivedElephant Armor
Lot no.011421 Batch no.011421

Test Details

DIME Sample ID: 2021-02-09-40
DIME Test ID: 2021-02-09-40-1
Testing Lab: CT HQ - Sacramento Concrete Testing Laboratory
Test Method: CONCLP 2-16: Rapid Set Patching Materials
Test Release Date: 2021-04-20

Test Results

Input Type: Measured
Tester's full name: Spencer Adams
Date of test: 04/20/2021
Compressive Strength @ 3 hrs (CTM 551): 5393
Compressive Strength @ 24 hrs (CTM 551): 6433
Flexure Strength @ 24 hrs (CTM 551): 3518
Bond Strength @ 24 hrs - SSD (CTM 551): 345
Bond Strength @ 24 hrs - Dry (CTM 551): 340
Water Absorption (CTM 551): 13.7
Abrasion @ 24 hrs (CTM 550): 16
Drying Shrinkage @ 4 days (CTM 596): 0.02
Soluble Chlorides (CTM 422): 0.01
Water Soluble-Sulfates (CTM 417): 0.16
Material Weight: 50
Water Weight: 12.94
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Test was verified on 4/20/2021