Test 2020-11-23-2-3 (ASTM C109-16a) Summary

Project Information
Project IdentifiersProject ID: 8801
Work DescriptionSpecial project for Cementitious Materials for use in Concrete Authorized Material List (AML)
Location DescriptionNot set
Sample Information
Sample Taken Date11/23/2020 Sample Unique Key2
Will the laboratory/organization for which you are a member perform testing on this material sample?Yes Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing11/23/2020
Sample typeAuthorization A brief description of the sampleFly Ash
The quantity of what the sample constitutes1 Bucket From where was the sample collectedSource
First name of sampler or witnessed byna Last name of sampler or witnessed byna
Title of sampler Laboratory sample identificationCM205091
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility nameCemex Transportation Laboratory (TL) Number
Inspector Lot Number from the Transportation Laboratory (TL) Form Structure unique identifier
Structure name
Material Information
Material TypeCementitious BrandCemex
MillCHC Slag Type of Cementitious MaterialSlag Cement
Test Details
DIME Sample ID: 2020-11-23-2
DIME Test ID: 2020-11-23-2-3
Testing Lab: CT HQ - Sacramento Cement Testing Laboratory
Test Method: ASTM C109-16a: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Hydraulic Cement Mortars (Using 2-in. or [50-mm] Cube Specimens)
Test Release Date: 2021-06-24
Test Results

Will control cubes be used per ASTM C311?: yes
Input Type: Measured
Tester's full name: BL
Date of test: 01/05/2021
Age of specimen: 28 days
The amount of flow : 112 %
The amount of water used : 48.0 %
Compressive strength of 1st specimen : 6387 psi
Compressive strength of 2nd specimen: 6494 psi
Compressive strength of 3rd specimen : 6666 psi
Average Compressive strength (to nearest 10 psi): 6520 psi
Average Compressive strength (to nearest 10 psi) control group: 5610 psi
Strength Activity Index of Portland Cement per ASTM C109: 116 %
General comments (publicly viewable) (Max 1000 characters): 28 day test
Test Graph
Source: Bluehill Data Point File

Source: Bluehill Data Point File

Test was verified on 06/24/2021