Test 2019-04-01-30-3 (AASHTO T209-12) Summary

Project Information
Project Identifiers
DEA: No Project
Work DescriptionSpecial project identifier for material not associated with a project
Location DescriptionNot set
Sample Information
Sample Taken Date4/1/2019 Sample Unique Key30
Will the laboratory/organization for which you are a member perform testing on this material sample?Yes Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing4/1/2019
Sample typeQuality Control A brief description of the sample-3/8 inch RAP
The quantity of what the sample constitutesMix Design From where was the sample collectedSource
First name of sampler or witnessed byCGI Last name of sampler or witnessed byCGI
Title of sampler Laboratory sample identification
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility nameShaw Pit Facility Transportation Laboratory (TL) Number
Inspector Lot Number from the Transportation Laboratory (TL) Form Structure unique identifier
Structure name
Material Information
Material TypeReclaimed Asphalt Pavement RAP SourceShaw Pit Facility
Aggregate Size3/8-inch Aggregate SourceUnknown
RAP Stockpile Stockpile Size (tons)Unknown
HMA Design ID JMF3512-2019-99-19-1278.105A
Test Details
DIME Sample ID: 2019-04-01-30
DIME Test ID: 2019-04-01-30-3
Testing Lab: CT D02 - North Region Materials Lab
Test Method: AASHTO T209-12: Standard Method of Test for Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity (Gmm) and Density of Asphalt Mixtures (Maximum Specific Gravity)
Test Release Date: 2019-05-08
Test Results

Number of tests: 1
Mass Determination: Air
Input Type: Calculated
Tester's full name: CGI
Date of test: 04/01/2019
Specific Gravity for Sample 1:2.548
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Test was verified on 05/08/2019