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Testing Report for 2016-07-12-8-1

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Project Information

DEA: 041A2904
EFIS: 0400000482
Project ID: 209060
QA Service Level: 1
DIST-CO-RTE-PM: 04-SON-12-9.6
Contractor Name: Unknown
Contractor Address: Unknown
Resident Engineer: Syd Valeh
Structure Rep.: Jonathan Chi

Sample Information

DIME Sample ID: 2016-07-12-8
TL Number from the TL Form: 256208
Sample Submitted By Organization: CT HQ - Sacramento Concrete Testing Laboratory
Sample Organization Contact: (916) 227-7283
Type of Sample: Quality Control
Type of Material: Concrete
Sample Taken Date: 7/12/2016
Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing: 7/21/2016
The quantity of what the sample constitutes: cylinders
A brief description of the sample: concrete
From where was the sample collected: Job Site
Laboratory sample identification: Unknown
Structure unique identifier: Unknown
Structure name: Unknown
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility name: Unknown

Material Information

The concrete mix design number: Unknown
The truck number from where the sample was collected: Unknown
The batch plant ticket number from where the sample was collected: Unknown
Concrete batch plant: Unknown
The fabricator/manufacturer designation for the sample: Unknown
A detailed description of where the material sample was collected: Unknown
Where the material sample would have been placed if not sampled: Unknown
From Lot No.: Unknown
Bag Lot No.: Unknown

Test Information

DIME Test ID: 2016-07-12-8-1
Test Method: ASTM C39-17a: Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Cylindrical Concrete Specimens
Date Tested: 8/9/2016
Verified Date: 8/9/2016
Submitted By Organization: CT HQ - Sacramento Concrete Testing Laboratory
Organization Address: 5900 Folsom Blvd,
Organization City: Sacramento
Organization State: CA
Organization Zipcode: 95819
Organization Email:
Organization Phone: (916) 227-7283
General Comments for this Test:
Test Result Compliance:
Additional Comments When Verified :

Submitted Test Results

Unit system used?: US Units
Number of specimens: 2
Test performed: With no density determined
Capped in accordance with?: ASTM C617/CTM521
Average diameter of cylinder 1: 5.95 in
Average diameter of cylinder 2: 5.96 in
Cross sectional area of cylinder 1: 27.81 in^2
Cross sectional area of cylinder 2: 27.9 in^2
Compressive strength (to nearest 10 psi): 4480 psi
Maximum load on cylinder 1: 128433 lb
Maximum load on cylinder 2: 120942 lb
Compressive strength of cylinder 1: 4618.2 psi
Type of fracture pattern of cylinder 1: 1
Compressive strength of cylinder 2: 4334.8 psi
Type of fracture pattern of cylinder 2: 1
Comment on any defect in either specimen or caps (Max 250 Characters): no data
Correction factor for cylinder 1: 1
Correction factor for cylinder 2: no data
Age of specimen: 28 days
Age of specimen in hours: no data