DIME Change Log

Notable changes, improvements, fixes and additions to DIME
  1. Fixed errors on EPD summary page
  2. Map data received from Bluehill Universal for ASTM C39 to version 17a instead of 10
  3. Added Multigrade question for for asphalt binder when creating a new sample record
  4. Fixed errors with aggregate source data report
  5. Fixed problem on the dashboard when looking up projects by project ID
  6. Improvements to layout of new sample input page
  7. Fixed error when saving test results for CT 301
  8. Updated account management instructions
  9. Added question for Aggregate Type in AASHTO T336 (CTE)
  10. Added test card for ASTM C39 v21
  11. Minor dashboard improvements
  12. Fixed validation when editing test results
  13. Fixed date validation on SMTL TM3 Fastener Assembly sheet
  14. Fixed error when logging in to the mobile site
  15. Removed project personnel section from sample edit page
  16. Removed link to "publish all" if not sample owner organization on sample detail page
  17. Updated rounding for AASHTO T59 section 7
  18. Added test card for ASTM D 7196 2018
  19. Added test card for AASHTO T245 2015r19
  20. Major changes to the DIME sample and test result search
  21. Allow user to export search results to an Excel sheet with tabs per material type or per test method
  22. Fixed miscalculation on CT 384 Report
  23. Added test card for AASHTO T315 v2020
  24. Minor updates to AASHTO R28, AASHTO T51 and AASHTO T316 test cards
  1. Remove extraneous input fields from digital TL-0101
  2. Show warning when submitting test results if date of test is after current date
  3. Improvements to sample report and default to sequential test report
  4. Fixed calculations on AASHTO T269 test card
  5. Improvements to asphalt binder and asphaltic emulsion data collection when creating a sample
  6. Fixed calculation on AASHTO T59 Section 6 test card
  7. Added test card for ASTM C143 version 20
  8. Fixed calculation on CTM 235 test card
  9. Updated and improved validation on password update page
  1. Allow users to copy tests performed on a sample when cloning a sample
  2. For users belonging to multiple organizations in DIME, default to the last organization they logged in under
  3. Provide suggestions for selecting a project when creating a new sample in DIME
  4. Added new section on the DIME front page containing information on how to create a DIME account
  5. Fixed bug with selecting units on the EPD submission page
  6. Limit the number of suggested mix designs on the Structural Concrete Compressive Strength charts
  1. Replaced "Words of Wisdom" to "Caltrans Mission, Vision, Goals and Values" on the dashboard
  2. Updated the acceptable input formats for the quick search feature
  3. Improvements to AASHTO T 315 to include default values
  4. Implemented a new test method search page
  1. Implemented custom calculations for the ASTM C109-16a test card
  2. Added information about assigned test on printable sample summary page
  3. Allow users with the Data Administrator role to assign tests to individuals
  4. Improvements to the handling of test result data being sent from Bluehill software to DIME for ASTM C109-16a
  5. Improvements to error handling for the DIME password reset system
  6. Added fabricator/facility name to printable sample report
  7. Give the user the ability to copy over tests assigned to a sample when cloning a sample