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Sample Record for 2019-11-13-20

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Project Information

Project ID: 208973 DEA: 120H1004 EFIS: 1200000180 COOP: 120670 QA Service Level: 1
DIST-CO-RTE-PM: 12-ORA-405,73,405,605-9.3/24.3
Work Description: (Alternative Delivery) San Diego Freeway (I-405) Improvement Project SR-73 to I-605, Design Build Project, Administered by Orange County Transportation Authority, Caltrans METS to perform Source Inspection per RFP.
Location Description: Orange and Los Angeles Counties: 12-ORA-405 PM 9.3/24.2 / 07-LA-405 PM 0.0/1.2 12-ORA-22 PM R0.7/R3.8 / 12-ORA-22 PM R0.5/R0.7 12-ORA-73 PM R27.2/R27.8 / 12-ORA-605 PM 3.5/R1.6 07-LA-605 PM R0.0/R1.2
Contractor Name: OC 405 Partners
Contractor Address: 3100 W Lake Center Dr, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Resident Engineer: Hank Alonso (reports) Structure Rep.: Alex Angha (reports)

Sample Information

DIME Sample ID: 2019-11-13-20
TL Number from the TL Form:
Sample Submitted By Organization: CT HQ - Sacramento Materials Management Branch Field Office
Sample Organization Contact: (562) 500-5861
Type of Sample: Quality Assurance
Type of Material: SMTL TM5 - Headed Bars
Sample Taken Date: 11/13/2019
Date that the sample was received by the laboratory/organization performing the testing: 11/14/2019
The quantity of what the sample constitutes: 4 samples from Lot # 1
A brief description of the sample: #5 T-Heads
From where was the sample collected: Fabricator
Laboratory sample identification:
Structure unique identifier:
Structure name:
The fabricator/manufacturer/facility name: Headed Reinforcement Corp, Fountain Valley, CA

Material Information

Production or Authorization Testing: Authorization Testing
Rebar Heat Number(s): 4090965
Head Manufacturer Lot Number(s): B1128831
Rebar Size: 5
Headed Bar Model Name: HRC 120
Size of Head: Reduced Size - 4x
Head Connection Type: Friction Weld
Head Shape: Square
Rebar Manufacturer: CMC Etiwanda
Head Manufacturer: Nucor
Head Fabricator: HRC
Material Standard Code: ASTM A706
Headed Bar Unique ID:

Test Results