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Project Information

Project Information

Project IdentifiersProject ID: 993360
DEA: 023J2204
EFIS: 0222000021
DIST-CO-RTE-PM02-TEH,TEH/TEH,PLU/PLU,LAS/LAS,SHA/SHA,PLU,LAS,TEH,SHA-32,36,44,189,147,172-0/24.87, 43.95/104, 0/18.42, 0/6, 14.3/19.2, 19.01/71.39, 0/37.25, 8.9/42.3, 0/9.89, 0/1.8, 0/8.92, 0/4.4, 43.95/19.2, 62.69/37.25, 19.01/62.69, 0/21.72, 6/14.3, 0/247.87, 83/19.2
Award DateNot set
Closeout DateNot set
Work DescriptionRemove hazard trees, erosion control, paving, and drainage repairs in order to restore the facility.
Location DescriptionNot set
QA Service Level1 (Verified on 11/01/2021)

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