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Project Information

Project Information

Project IdentifiersProject ID: 213642
Permit Numbers: 09176CD0130 09186DP0172 09186RW0275 09186RW0302 0919NRW0022 0919NRW0043 0919NRW0044 09196RT0047 0919NRW0099 0919NRW0138 0919NRD0181 09196RW0185 09196RW0186 09196RW0187
Award Date10/26/2017
Closeout Date06/23/2021
Work DescriptionConstruct roadway improvements as shown on the attached 29 plan sheets (Titled: Tucker Road (Highway 202)).Notwithstanding General Provision # 4, your contractor is required to apply for and obtain an encroachment permit prior to starting work.A Pre-Construction meeting with the District 9 Encroach
Location DescriptionTehachapi Blvd and Valley Blvd, Tehachapi
QA Service Level1 (Verified on 07/19/2019)

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Email AddressFull NameRolePersonnel Source WeiermannResident EngineerCaltrans RE DB

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