Creating a DIME Organization Account

for non-Caltrans companies and labs

Search for an Existing DIME Organization Account

  1. To check if your company or lab already has a DIME organization account, visit the search tool.A link to this page may be found on the DIME sign in page.
  2. Search for your company by browsing the list. You may also filter the list by entering all or part of your company name, address or city in the search input fields at the top of each column in the list.Search for an existing DIME organization account
  3. If you find your organization, you are encouraged to reach out to one of the DIME account managers listed for your organization to be added to the DIME organization account.
  4. If you cannot find your company in the DIME system using the search tool, you may request that a new DIME organization account be created.

Request a new DIME Organization Account

  1. Check to see if your company or lab meet the criteria for creating a DIME organization account.
    1. A DIME organization account can only be created for non-Caltrans companies, testing labs or organizations using the system for one of the reasons listed below:
      1. Submittal of sample and/or test result information as required by a Caltrans project
      2. Providing Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) data
      3. Submittal of test results for a pre-qualification program
      4. Submittal of sample and test results data as part of a JMF submittal
      5. Conducting research
    2. The company or lab must not already have a DIME organization account.
  2. If your company or lab meet the specified criteria, visit the DIME organization account request page.You may find the link to the DIME organization account request form on the search tool page.Request a new DIME organization account
  3. Once you are on the DIME organization account request page, complete all required fields including your company information, the contact person for the company and the justification section of the request form. Please do not forget to select a reason and a project or contract number (if applicable).
  4. The request form uses a CAPTCHA to prevent automated submissions. Please follow the directions before submitting the request form.
  5. After clicking the "Submit" button, the request form will be validated. If there are any errors on the request form, please fix those errors and submit again. You will see a confirmation message when your submission has been received successfully.
  6. A Caltrans Materials Administrator will review your application and your eligibility. You will receive a response within 5 working days. If no response is received within 5 business days, please contact the DIME Administrator by visiting the DIME contact page.