Creating a DIME Account

for Caltrans Employees

Searching for your DIME Organization Account

  1. To find your Caltrans unit, please visit the search tool. A link to this page may also be found on the DIME sign in page.
  2. Search for your Caltrans unit by browsing the list. You may also filter the list by entering all or part of your unit name, address, city or district in the search input fields at the top of each column in the list. Search for a DIME organization account
  3. When you find your organization, you will see the DIME organization account managers listed.
  4. Click on the name of the manager to open your email client with a pre-populated request to be added to the DIME organization account. Search for a DIME organization account
  5. If you cannot find your company in the DIME system using the search tool, please contact the DIME Administrator for assistance.